The team behind Tampah Hills is a diverse group of experienced professionals, all sharing a passion for Indonesia and Lombok.
Our mission is that you should feel 100% confident in your investment at all times. Feel free to contact us at any time to know more.

Tampah Hills Co-founder / Managing Director JAKOB JOHANSSON
Co-founder / Managing Director

Jakob is a serial entrepreneur and investor with a love for sports and the outdoors. Previous CEO and current major shareholder of a Swedish health care company as well as Chairman of the board of 1an electronics company. Jakob spent six months in Lombok in 2010 and surfed, played football with the local kids and decided he wanted to spend more time on the island. Following this decision he built Villa Sorgas, overlooking Grupuk Bay, and resides there part of the year. Jakob also competes in Beach Volleyball on a high level.

Co-founder / Construction Director

Swedish entrepreneur and Director of one of the leading Building Contractors in Bali and Lombok; PT Tropical Lodging. Resident of Bali/Lombok since 1988 with wife and two kids. Jonas has extensive knowledge and experience of building and running projects in Indonesia and speaks Bahasa Indonesia fluently. A dedicated and experienced surfer, Jonas starts most of his mornings in the perfect waves of Lombok or Bali.

Henry Soewandito Tampah Hill Project Manager
Project Manager

Henry has worked in construction for over 20 years, mostly with high-value projects. He has a Mechanical Engineering degree from the Institute of Technology of Indonesia. He has worked in combination trades such as mechanical, civil, and electrical. Henry finished the US Embassy building in Jakarta and has also built 1000 houses for Tsunami victims in Aceh and four schools in Sumba Island.Adi

Adi Sunardi Tampah Hills Head of Quantity Survey Department
Head of Quantity Survey Department

Adi is an experienced Quantity Surveyor with a demonstrated history of success in the real estate industry. He is a strong Operations professional with a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Negeri University in Yogyakarta.

DEWI MASITAH Legal Advisor Tampah Hills
Legal Advisor

Ita has 11 years’ experience in law in Indonesia. She deals with all aspects of foreign investment in Indonesia and will assist clients with all legal documentation to fully comply with Indonesian Law. She is a member of the Indonesian Bar Association and has the PERADI license.

Rizky Rahman Finance and Accounting Manager Tammpah Hills
Finance and Accounting Manager

Rizki started his career as a Financial Planner and has a big passion for numbers and looking into every detail. He is a true professional with 19 years of experience in Finance and Accounting.

Andreas Arnktvist Creative Director Tampah Hills
Creative Director

Swedish Copywriter and Creative Director with 15+ years experience from agencies in the Nordics as well as running his own agency since 2009 along with several start-up projects. Loves film and all kinds of digital and immersive media. Andreas has lived in Bali and Lombok for several years and now shares his time between Portugal, Sweden and Indonesia. Passionate about the ocean and the mountains, and all the ways we can enjoy them.

Oskar Okar Lindholm Art Director Tampah Hills
Art Director

The past 20 years he has lived in Stockholm, London, Sydney and Bali working for some award winning agencies. In large teams at global networks or at small design studios working with some world famous names. Now he spends most of the year in Bali working as a designer and creating a fashion label along with a series of art projects. When not creating stuff on land, Okar surfs and live his life in and around the ocean.

Hidde Bakker Head of Business Development Tampah Hills
Head of Business Development

Hidde is our in-house entrepreneur that has been setting up different companies in the past. 10 years ago he brought the famous ‘American red cup’ to Europe, started a photo-sharing platform and brought a taste based wine subscription to the masses. Now he designs new concepts (like Seaside Collective) within the Tampah Hills area and brings the right partners onboard as our Head of Business Development. After work you can find him on our padel tennis court or on his motorbike exploring remote parts of the island.