Natural simplicity with panoramic views

Indulge in tranquility at Villa V, an exquisite and minimalistic tropical haven perched high above the Indian Ocean, boasting unparalleled panoramic sea and valley views.

Designed by Alejandro Borrego.

Floor plans:
Villa size:

Indoor: 318 m²

Outdoor: 412 m²

Total: 730 m²


1 Master bedroom

2 Bedrooms
Ensuite bathrooms


6 People


Lap pool, kids’ pool

Pool size: 68 m²


Panoramic high sea view

Valley view

Designed as a sustainable, stylish, tropical retreat, the minimalism and clean lines of Villa V makes this a unique option in Tampah Hills. Guests enjoy the expansive open sanctuaries, where the ocean breeze gently cools the afternoon sun. The open design also maximizes the views from all parts of the house. The contrast of dark Ulin wood, sand-colored cement floors, and the simple straight lines give the villa its peaceful character.

Villa V sits on a sloped site, with the upper floor featuring the spacious master bedroom. Here, you also find the big pool, the kitchen/living room with its massive sunken sofa, and large open areas to relax. On the lower floor, you see the two bedrooms with studies and private bathrooms to give all guests privacy when needed.

With breathtaking views, simplistic, bold design and colors, and large open areas, Villa V is a premium hideaway on the peak position in Tampah Hills.