We are launching stage 3!

The time has come – we are launching stage 3 of Tampah Hills, and we couldn’t be happier to present it to you.

The area is larger and higher up in the hills, and the location is tranquil and private. Stage 3 is close to the parklands, rice fields and sports area. All AA lots and some A lots have sea views, and all lots share the expansive views of the valley facing east. The astonishing sunrises truly are a sight to behold each morning.

There is currently 35 lots available in stage 3, ranging from 1700 up to 4800 m2. the prices are 145$ per m2 for AA lots and 100$/m2 for A lots. Check out the video to see an indepth presentation of three of our favorite lots from stage three.

Do you want to know all the details about stage 3 and how to invest in your dream villa here? Contact us to get the prospect in your mailbox!

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