Construction update from Tampah Hills – May 2022

Here is another update on the construction and development in Tampah Hills, presented by Jakob. This one is in two parts, check both out right here.

In the first part we will show you the update on Villa Boe, Villa N&N (owned by Niclas Nyrensten & Pernilla Nyrensten, Villa V, Villa Awasi and Villa Tantiv!

We also join Matt in the Tampah Hills workshop and discover the incredible work the team have been doing on the unique roof for Villa Nabu We are certainly looking forward to seeing this design by Alexis Dornier come to life!

Part 2 starts off at the soon to be Tampah Hills head office where the whole team will be working under one roof. After that we head up the hill for more villa updates, starting with House of Herring by Gfab architects, then to Villa Layang by Caceres Tous, Villa Wyse by Alexis Dornier, Villa TOV and Villa Keluarga by Hadiprana and lastly, one of our most recent villas to begin construction, Villa Rock also by Caceres Tous.

Check out the construction update from Tampah Hills here, and please feel free to subscribe to Tampah Hills channel so that you won’t miss an update.

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