Seaside Collective is launching the first 5 lots!

Seaside Collective offers a unique chance to create a dream lifestyle, strengthen your network and expand your entrepreneur goals, all in one smart investment.

We are now offering the first 5 of the total of 15 houses in the first Seaside Collective location: South Lombok, between the beach and Tampah Hills.

Why should you apply?

  • Invest in a Seaside Collective House, designed by the winning architect team
  • Earn passive rental income when you’re not using your house
  • Get free access to a world-class co-working space in the dreamiest location
  • Connect and network with entrepreneurs from all over the world in Tampah Hills
  • Have the chance to swap houses with members from other Seaside Collective destinations

As one of the first five to join the Seaside Collective, you also:

  • Get a handmade Seaside Collective Surfboard
  • Get to pick a lot of your choice
  • Have the opportunity to influence the design of Seaside Collective village and houses
  • Have the chance to influence where the next Seaside Collective destinations will be

Want to know more?

Read more and fill out the contact form on the Seaside Collective website

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