First look at Jon and Janni Olsson Delér’s Magic Villa in Tampah Hills!

We are beyond excited! Jon and Janni Olsson Delér just presented the first renders of their Lombok villa in Tampah Hills. And it looks like pure magic!

If you haven’t seen it, check out the Vlog here!

The architect, Alexis Dornier has, together with Jon and Janni, created one of the most stunning, organic, living villa designs we have ever seen.
Check out Alexis Dornier’s web page here, and if you want to follow him on Instagram, he’s right here.

(Please note that these are not the final plans and renders. There will naturally be some changes during the design and building process)

Floor plan

The floor plan forms a perfect circle, matching the landscape and the round hill it is built on. This gives the house an organic feel from the ground up. Each section is adapted to the landscape, making the house blend in with its natural surroundings. There will be 4 Bedrooms, 1 or 2 sub-level master bedrooms, a gym, cinema room, and 2 living rooms, plus an open kitchen/dining room overlooking the sea. And naturally, there is an infinity pool in the center, shooting out towards the sea.


This looks pretty much like the perfect welcome when you arrive in Lombok. Grab a board, jump on the dirtbike, and go rinse off the jet lag with some tropical waves. We especially love the bamboo roof inspired by the hills. (and the C’est Normal Land Rover Defender!)


The center courtyard is 15 meters in diameter, with ample space for the pool (with baby swim steps) and the “Super tramp” (Anyone else excited to see what that is??? 🙂 ) Of course, there will be palm trees in the courtyard. They will offer shade to keep the temperatures down, and the open plan will also allow the breeze to cool off the house. This minimizes the need for air conditioning.

Living room

One of the stunning living rooms with the interior Bamboo roof giving a nice organic contrast to the sleek concrete walls.

Pool and kitchen/dining room

This view is one of the very best in Tampah Hills, and the open layout of the pool area and kitchen/dining room will make sure there are a lot of different viewpoints. Can you imagine relaxing here after a morning surf or afternoon yoga?

External view

We have to agree with Benni here… Woow!
This Villa will be a fantastic project, and we definitely think Jon, Janni, and the architect Alexis has captured the soul and the nature of Tampah Hills in their vision. We’re as excited as they are to get started!

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