Much more than the next Bali

Lombok has been named “the next Bali” for the past 20 years or more, but the island has now truly stepped out of the shadow of its more famous neighbor. The island is fast becoming a destination in its own right and sees rapid – but responsible – development.

White sand beaches, some of the best surfing in Indonesia for all levels, excellent diving and snorkeling, fishing and spearfishing, golfing, trekking and food- and cultural experiences… Lombok truly has it all.

Tampah Hills Lombok
Tampah Hills Lombok


Lombok has long been a surfers paradise, with some of the best waves in the world. Desert Point is widely considered as the best left in the world. It’s a long, mechanical barrel machine when it’s on, and breaks over a shallow coral reef shelf. A fantastic experience if you’re up for it, but the fact is that the majority of waves in Lombok are far more accessible for any level of surfer. Grupuk bay might be the most famous example, with perfect waves for both beginners and experienced surfers. And there are many, many more spots along the south coast to discover.

Lombok surf Tampah Hills
Tampah Hills Lombok
Tampah Hills Lombok
Tampah Hills Lombok surf
Tampah Hills Lombok surf


Lombok really has something for everyone. Catch the sunset from the top of Mount Rinjani. Dive or snorkel and experience untouched tropical reefs teeming with life. Play golf with breathtaking views. Go for jungle trekking, swim in waterfalls, sample the local cuisine. Take a fishing trip and barbecue your catch in the evening. Or just wind down on one of the white sand beaches with a fresh coconut. On Lombok, there’s time for it all, and you don’t have to sit in heavy traffic to find your experiences.


Still pristine, with some of the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia, Lombok is now developing fast, but in a responsible way. Locals, developers, investors and tourists all realize the need to promote Lombok as a destination, without forgetting what makes it such a magical island in the first place. One example is the Mandalika project, where the Indonesian government actively promotes eco-friendly and responsible development in Lombok. Strategically placed, with the international airport connecting Lombok to the world, the island sees an exciting future ahead.


  • Part of Indonesia
  • Bali is the neighboring island to the west
  • Size 4 750 km2
  • 3.2 million population
  • International Airport with connections from Asia, Europe and many flights daily to Bali
  • Lies just 8º south of the equator
  • Tropical climate year round
  • 25-28º C water temperature
  • Language: Bahasia Indonesia. English widely spoken
  • Currency: Indonesian Rupiah