Explore our crafted experiences at Tampah and in Lombok


Court rental

Rent a padel or tennis courts in our beautiful sport center that features the first padel courts in Indonesia.


Padel lessons

Shadowed by palm trees, Tampah Hills Padel Court is the first in Indonesia. Enjoy a game between family or friends or join a coaching session with our pros. 


Tennis lessons

Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the sport, our tennis pros are on hand to provide guidance and elevate your game to new heights.

Pro surfer from Lombok


Surf lessons

South Lombok is famous for its many world class surf breaks. Our experienced coaches will tailor a 2-3 hour class depending on your previous experience and skill.


Surf guide

If you are experienced surfer and want to discover new waves and work on your perfecting your technique and skills.

Yoga at villa in Tampah Hills



From building strength and flexibility to breathing and relaxation techniques, our expert yoga instructors help you find your inner energy. 


Balinese traditional massage

This popular traditional full body massage uses a combination of gentle rolling and deep kneading to stimulate circulation and bring about total relaxation. The techniques used during this treatment will help to increase blood and lymph flow, so muscles can once again operate at full capacity. Organic coconut oil is used in this soothing therapy.

Massage at villa in Tampah Hills


Head, neck and shoulders massage

This is the perfect cure after a long flight to relieve tension. It consists of a condensed but complete head, neck and shoulder massage to relieve stress and tension as well as improve back muscle relaxation. Organic coconut oil is used this soothing therapy.


Personal trainer

Led by our highly skilled personal trainer, we set up a mini gym in the comfort of the villa. The sessions are tailored to your individual goals, abilities, and preferences, ensuring a holistic approach to your fitness journey.

Underwater life Lombok


Fun dives day trip

Join us for a fun-filled day of diving. We will take you to the protected Tanjung Ringgit area, where we have discovered approximately 15+ diving spots and you will dive the Alas Strait between Sumbawa and Lombok.


Fishing trip

Join a local fisherman to catch fish at fantastic deep sea & inshore of Lombok, The trip will take you to area which is has kilometers of saltwater coastline with diverse fish habitats that offer you a nice catch, at the end of the trip our chef will cook the fish and serve it at your villa. 



Explore the pristine coral reefs and discover the colorful sea life in our crystal-clear waters. Let our experienced guides take you on an unforgettable underwater safari – in complete comfort and safety.

Waterfall Lombok


Waterfall trek

It only takes 15 minutes on foot from the entrance to view the marvelous Sendang Gile waterfall, which is a continuation of the Tiu Kelep waterfall. Once you reach there, you can enjoy the sight of the water crushing the rocks or swim in its cool crisp pool.



Work on your golf game at the beautiful Lombok Golf Kosaido Country Club. The course is situated along the pristine white sandy beaches of Sire Bay with holes facing the beach and other with views to Mt Rinjani.

Tampah Hills breakfast with a view


Traditional cooking class

Discover and explore the islands cuisine where you can learn more about the spices in Lombok. A great opportunity to cook with our chef and the family and enjoy delicious meals.


Cultural trek

Starting in the morning at 7am you will experience local life, 


Climb Mt Rinjani

Price and details available upon request.



Glide along the wind and sea along the hills around Tampah.