Sports Center and Nursery update

In this edit you can take a closer look at our sports centre, where all courts are now open for guests!

Come visit, and you can rent courts to play:

🎾 Padel tennis (Indonesia’s first padel court)
🎾 Tennis
⚽ Soccer
🏐 Beach Volleyball (the best court in the world, trust Jakob on this 😉)

We will soon start building an area for everyone in the family, including a yoga deck, outdoor gym, parkour and kids area.

If you are in Lombok already and want to rent a court, contact us to book! (Booking system will be in place soon)

🌳 If you want to hear about our reforestation plan and the reason behind why we planted 50,000 trees… keep listening! 😍

Want to know more about investing in Tampah Hills?

Contact us to get a prospect and more information today!

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